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Tutorial 2

The second tutorial replaces the 'General Purpose RTDX Display'-program (gpdprog.exe) with a small console utility on the host written in C++. The name of the host utility is RTDX_Tutorial_2 and it is located in a directory of the same name. It consists of a main routine, in which a class RTDX_Service_2 is instantiated and in which the RTDX-service is initialized. At the end of the main routine commands are interpreted, which are entered via the keyboard, and the adequate action is taken, e.g. by sending a number to the client. For simplicity the keyboard input and reading from the client is realized in blocking mode, meaning that no other action can take place until the requested keyboard input has taken place or the expected data from the client have been received.


H. Rogalla 2005-12-07