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The header file RTDX_Service_2.h

 * RTDX_Service.h

#ifndef _RTDX_SERVICE_2_H_
#define _RTDX_SERVICE_2_H_

#import "rtdxint.dll"
using namespace RTDXINTLib;

class RTDX_Service_2

    long Init();
    long SetBoardAndProcessor(wchar_t* board,wchar_t* cpu);
    long StartRTDX();
    long OpenWriteChannel();
    long OpenReadChannel();
    long WriteToClient(long data);
    long ReadFromClient();

    IRtdxExpPtr w_pRtdx;
    IRtdxExpPtr r_pRtdx;

#endif	// RTDX_SERVICE_2_H_

The header file RTDX_Service_2.h loads the library rtdxint.dll , which is located in the directory ...\cc\bin' of the 'Code Composer Studio'. This directory should also be added to the additional 'include path' of the Visual C++ IDE. The class RTDX_Service_2 is defined next (by the way - the name is chosen because it belongs to 'Tutorial 2' and is a specialized version of the standard version used in 'Tutorial 3' and in production runs). Apart from the parameter-less creator 7 public functions are defined that work more or less as wrappers of the built-in Rtdx-function accessible via the COM-interface. The two pointers to two instantiations of the RTDX-interface are private.

H. Rogalla 2005-12-07